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Sr. Executive / Executive, Production; THE IBN SINA PHARMACEUTICAL IND LTD

 Celebration of World Health Day at North South University Campus
Update: 2011-04-07

BD drugs team has celebrated the “World Health Day” with the Pharmacy and the Life Science Department of North South University on April 7, 2011, to create awareness on the anti-microbial resistance and its global spread. World health day has been celebrated worldwide on 7th April under the sponsorship of World Health Organization (WHO). The theme of this year was “Antibiotic resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow”.

The awareness program was conducted by both of the Chairman of Life Science and Pharmacy Department. The program was initiated by the speech of Dr. Hafiz G. A Siddiqi, Vice Chancellor, North South University.Then the program was followed by a rally, which was lead by Dr. Hafiz G. A Siddiqi (VC), Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed(Chairman,BOG),Dr.JMA Hannan(Chairman, Pharmacy Department), Dr. Abdul Khaleque, (Chairman, Department of life Sciences), Professor Dr. Donald James Gomes(Dean, School of Life Sciences) and the respected chairman of other Departments of NSU. The participants of the rally were the faculties of NSU, Guest faculties, Deputy Director (PR) and the students of life science and Pharmacy Department. The motto of the rally was to spread the concern of the antibiotic resistance. Leaflets on anti-biotic usage, resistance and preventive measures to be taken were distributed among the students and staffs of NSU.

The next agenda of the awareness program was the inauguration of a website (; first online drug directory of Bangladesh, by Dr. Hafiz G. A Siddiqi. This site is dedicated to offer detailed pharmaceutical information like properties, brand & generic name, dosage form, manufacturer, price of the product, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, 24-hours pharmacy and ambulance service. It provides information about the drug policies in Bangladesh. The recent medical related news (both local and international) & health tips are also available in this website. The website is developed by five innovative and enthusiastic pharmacists, who have graduated recently from the Pharmacy Department of NSU. The innovation and the efforts of BD drugs team was appreciated by all. The VC and Chairman, BOG has wished the team best of luck and praised their efforts. Dr JMA Hannan had supported the BD drugs team in every aspect in this venture and helped them to maintain their spirit. Also all the faculties of Pharmacy Department appreciated this new innovation and they stated that this new initiative is surely going to be a milestone in the health care sector of Bangladesh.

The third agenda was the poster presentation by the students of Life Science and Pharmacy Department. All the posters were mainly focused on the different issues such as antimicrobial resistance, anti-microbial drug susceptibility, UTI in children of Bangladesh, breast cancer, deadly infection caused by the superbug (MRSA), microbial susceptibility and 10 facts on anti-microbial resistance. According to their performance, the students were given medals and crests by the honorable VC and Chairman, BOG of NSU. All the posters were very informative and the students really did well on their presentation.

The fourth agenda was the general and open discussion on world health day and the anti-microbial resistance. The participants were the VC, BOG, and Chairman of various Departments, Deputy Director (PR), faculties, guest faculties and the participants. The period of this session was about thirty minutes.

BD drugs team talked with the students and staffs of North South University about this awareness program. All of them were very enthusiastic and showed their concern on this issue. The students of Pharmacy and Life Science Department stated that antibiotic resistance is due low quality medicines, wrong prescriptions and poor infection control. This is going to create worldwide hazard and to prevent this we all must unite together, such as the physicians, pharmacists, government and the mass people. On an interview with Dr. Rajib Bhattacharya (Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy) he stated that Considering the widespread impact of antibiotic drug resistance, we take action no later than now. In that respect WHO has rightly selected this slogan- Antibiotic resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow. I hope this will be a success move. Another interview was taken with Dr Hasan Mahmud Reza (Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy), he stated that As a Pharmacist and as well as an academician, I am concerned about the massive use of antibiotics. On the observance of World Health Day, we should take the responsibility to widespread the importance of taking proper medication and maintaining good health among people.

The awareness program was sponsored by WHO, Channel I and General Pharmaceuticals. It was indeed a very brilliant step of the Pharmacy and Life Science Department of North South to create awareness among the people on the antimicrobial resistance and its global spread.
B.Pharm(North South University)
Executive, Publication
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