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Sr. Executive / Executive, Production; THE IBN SINA PHARMACEUTICAL IND LTD

 Pharma Exhibition at North South University on 15th February, 2012
Update: 2012-02-15
North South University Pharmacy Students’ Club arranged a day long eventful Pharma Exhibition at the North South University campus on 15th February, 2012. At the first hour of the morning the exhibition was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Hafiz G. A Siddiqi and Mr. Md. Shajahan (Chairman, BOG). The exhibition was conducted by Dr. JMA Hannan (Chairman, Department of Pharmacy). This initiative was taken by the Chairman and rest of the faculty members of pharmacy department and followed by the executive bodies and students of North South University Pharmacy Students’ Club.

The objective of the Pharma Exhibition 2012 is to bring the medical & healthcare sector under one roof and provide national and global overview and portray the current developments of the local and international industry. Pharma Exhibition is a unique medical & healthcare event offering a significant mileage to healthcare industries and institutions. The key features of this festival include Poster Sessions, Exhibition, Blood Donation, Free BP/Blood Sugar/Dental Check Up, Cultural Program and a Gala Dinner. As a face-to-face meeting point, the event is basically the right place to achieve fundamental objectives and set up or reinforce the basis of success for young, up-coming pharmacists. It will be presenting a unique opportunity for all related to pharmaceuticals, hospitals & medical field to reach new horizons of effective cooperation and discuss vital issues that stand presently in front of medicine and healthcare industries and institutions.

The top pharmaceuticals companies like Square pharmaceuticals Ltd, Sanofi Bangladesh Ltd, Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd, Reckitt-Benkiser Bangladesh Ltd, Biopharma Ltd, Ibn Sina pharmaceuticals Ltd, General pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aristopharma Ltd, JMI group and so on gave their stalls at the exhibition to deliver the information of their own companies and various products. Pharmaceutical companies came up with their brochure of various products and gifts. The representatives of those companies believe that, this is an area where they can meet lots of students and their views as well as questions regarding Pharma industry.

Some other projects like MEDICINE –BD and Patient Relationship where they deliver their ideas and working purpose of these projects. Other new business strategies like E-Doctor Radio, they came up with their working purpose of delivering information regarding health. “Hypertension- a silent killer” named a stall where a group of students gave free service for measuring the blood pressure. On the other side there was an option of free dental checking which was conducted by Dr. Farhana. It was not actually a program where only knowledge was shared. A surprise was waiting for the participants carried out by a mind blowing cultural evening where the participants are up coming pharmacists of Bangladesh.

All the above the program has risen up the motivation level among the students by meeting with the Pharma bodies and their activities. The organizers of this event believe that, this kind of initiative will increase motivation and improve power of sharing information of current Pharma market. The program was sponsored by PRAN-RFL group. It was indeed a very brilliant step of Pharmacy Department of North South University to create a place for generating ideas to make a good future of pharmacy department.

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Development in the syllabus of Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management that is studied in the Bachelor of Pharmacy course of Bangladeshi Universities.
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