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Tips to Wake Up Fresh in the Morning
Update: 2011-05-29
After getting up in the morning if you find yourself quite tired then there are various other reasons attributing to it. The following reasons will help you to understand as well as to avoid it and to get a quality sleep.
  • If you are inconsistent in your sleep schedule then it could hamper your sleep cycle. When your sleeping time varies from weekdays to weekends, then you are inconsistent.

  • Improper functional activity can reduce your energy considerably. When you find yourself bored, then try something new, which can help your energy to boost up.

  • When you are anemic then it prevents the traveling of sufficient oxygen through your whole body. It could easily make you tired. So consult with your doctor to become aware of your present condition & then he will definitely help you to improve such condition.

  • Not getting enough sunlight can leave an impact over the releasing of energizing chemical serotonin. It mostly happens with people involved in a desk job or working in an artificial light. As per the WebMD at least 20 minutes of outside time can change your energy level noticeably, which will help you in your sleep.

  • Getting enough exercise is also considered useful for boosting up your energy level. Research shows that getting exercise helps you to recover from your fatigue. So next time when you are thinking for napping, just overcome such thinking & get some exercises.

  • If you are feeling stressed all the time, it could affect your sleep. To get rid of such anxiety yoga, meditation, exercise could also help you.

  • Stress related hormones like adrenaline and cortisol will give up an initial boost but gradually they will wear you down as your inner monitoring systems will be continuously in an alert state. People suffering from chronic stress gradually get drained of all the energy and there comes a stage where they are no longer able to cope with any problems in life. Yoga , Meditation are some of the most effective measures of dealing with stress. They will help in improving your sleep pattern and will make your brain more focused.

  • When you are low in energy then chopping off your coffee could be tough. However caffeine could also leave a negative impact on your sleep. So try not to have caffeine within six hours before going to bed.

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