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Get Rid of Smelly Feet
Update: 2011-05-30
Smelly foot happens because of the formation of bacteria on your sweaty feet. For any person, its an embarrassment. Donít get panicy just try to keep your feet clean & dry. There are few easy ways to get rid of smelly feet.
  • Stop buying nylon socks & wear only cotton made socks.

  • Change your socks regularly; donít wear the same socks everyday without washing them.

  • Maintain at least two pairs of foot wear so that you can use them alternatively.

  • Wash your feet regularly, if possible with anti bacterial soap.

  • You can apply powder to stop the bad odour.

  • After taking off the shoe you can stuff news paper in the shoe, it will absorb the moist air inside.

  • Dry your feet properly before wearing your socks. You can use hair drier to dry your feet.

  • After wash dry your feet properly (especially the space between the fingers).

  • Remember to wash your insole once in a while (if possible more than once a week).

  • Try to hang your shoes somewhere so that it can breathe & dry properly.

  • Never wear wet shoes; it will increase your feet odour.

  • In one quart lukewarm water adds two tea bags and soaks your feet in that water. It will prevent the bad smell. Donít forget to dry your feet after soaking.

  • You can soak your feet with natural apple cider too, just to get rid of feet odour.

  • Make a liquid of Ĺ cup white vinegar & warm water. Soak your feet for almost 25-30 minutes.

  • You can even apply ľ cup of household bleach with warm water. You just soak your feet for about 30 minutes.

  • Donít keep your old, stinky shoes; just make a habit of throwing them out.

Source: Coolhealthtips.com
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