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Easy ways to protect your eyes
Update: 2011-06-03
Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the human body .Taking care of your eyes is very important. There are a lot of ways you can keep your eyes in perfect health . Some of them are elaborated below :
  • Whenever you have problems like itching, uneasiness in your eyes go for eye check-up.

  • Use eye drops for dry eyes, it helps to moist your eyes as well as clean particles.

  • Stop smoking, it increases the risk of eye diseases.

  • Donít rub your eyes.It can cause irritation of your eyes.

  • Wash your hand first then touch your eyes.

  • Try to maintain healthy diet, consume lots of fresh fruits & vegetables like carrot- its a rich source of Vitamin A.

  • Few Vitamins are necessary for eye health, try to consume multivitamins but consult your doctor first.

  • Whenever going out, under sunlight use sunglasses, it protects your eyes from ultra violate radiation.

  • Be healthy and fit, it does have a nice impact on your eyes.

  • Try to use luminous lights all over your home; it helps to increase your vision.

  • People, who are using contact lens, be aware of its rules. Consult your doctor about using contact lens & its protection.

  • If you have fascination of eye make-up, then use a good brand & take it off very carefully.

  • If you are a computer professional & compelled to spend eight hours a day in front of the computer screen, then try to follow some rule, like take a break after every 20 minutes, place monitor as per your comfort, etc. You can even consult with doctors about how to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

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