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Take Appendicitis Symptoms Seriously : Recognize these warning signs
Update: 2011-07-17
While the appendix doesn't appear to have a real job in the body, it quickly becomes a concern when inflammation of the organ -- known as appendicitis -- sets in.

The Cleveland Clinic mentions these warning signs of appendicitis:
  • Vomiting and nausea.

  • Pain in the lower-right area of the abdomen that becomes worse when touched.

  • Soreness just above the belly button that may extend to the lower-right area of the belly.

  • Aforementioned pain that worsens when coughing, sneezing, moving around or taking a deep breath.

  • Running a mild fever.

  • Having diarrhea, constipation or being unable to pass gas.

  • Loss of appetite.

  • Abdominal swelling.

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