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Sr. Executive / Executive, Production; THE IBN SINA PHARMACEUTICAL IND LTD

Topically active drugs >> Topical Anti-infective Drugs >> Parasiticidal preparations

Benzyl benzoate

Brand Name:
Brand Name Contains Dosage Form Manufacturer Price(Tk.)
ASCAB Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Hudson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 60ml bot: 12.13 MRP; 100ml bot: 18.00 MRP
BENOSOL Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Amico Laboratories Ltd. 100ml bot: 18.00 MRP
CABISOL Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Chemist Laboratories Ltd. 100ml bot: 18.50 MRP
G-B. BENZOATE Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Gonoshasthaya Pharmaceuticals Ltd 100ml bot: 18.21 MRP
S-BIOL Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Seema Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 60ml bot: 14.00 MRP; 100ml bot: 20.00 MRP
SCABEX Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Supreme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 100ml bot: 18.00 MRP
SCABICID Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Aexim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 60ml bot: 12.13 MRP
SCABICON Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Medicon Laboratories Ltd. 100ml bot: 21.00 MRP
SCABISOL Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 100 ml bot: 18.20 MRP
SCANIL Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Renata Ltd. 450ml bot: 115.00 MRP
SKYBIOL Benzylbenzoate 25% Emulsion Skylab Pharmaceuticals Ltd 60ml bot: 12.70 MRP; 120ml bot: 20.50 MRP
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